Bubba Prime

Old Stuff


C*CKWATER (2016)

Somewhere between shooting Buzzcut and finishing the edit, we decided to shoot another short because we are gluttons for punishment. It had to be the opposite of Buzzcut though, minimal actors, minimal locations, minimal FX. Jon wrote the first draft in a blind rage, fed up with shitty dudes abusing women, then Mike took a pass and added some heart like he usually does. Elena Devers killed this one-shot monologue in the first take and made this short her own.


Everyone remembers where they were when historical events happen, like when JFK was shot or when the twin towers fell or when Michael Jackson died. What if you don’t want to remember that day for another reason? We shot Fried Pickles in one day onstage and backstage at the Key West Theater for $500. It was our first time making a short outside of a 72-hour challenge so we were actually able to plan this one a little bit. Based on actual events.

BACON (2014)

Our first collaboration, we were such babies back then and this short was made as an entry for the Key West 72-hour film challenge. The whole thing was written, shot and edited in three days and it shows. But we had so much fun with it and discovered we had many more ideas to explore together. Shout out to Carolyn Cooper for letting us shoot at her apartment and breaking a window with the heat from a light.