Bubba Prime

About Us

BUBBA prime is Mike marrero and jon rhoads, we make movie and stuff.
We met in key west ABOUT six years ago and since then we’ve collaborated on
a handful of short films, dozens of plays and hundreds of bottles of BOURBON.



Mike was born and raised in Key West, which if we’re being honest, was pretty fucking weird. It was all rooster fights and Santeria offerings and drunk fisherman brawls and a healthy dose of island quirk. Mike misses those days. These days he likes making films with Jon, writing, taking pictures and spending time with his daughters.

Mike is also the Executive Director of the Tropic Cinema, co-founder of Key West Theater and author of several plays.


JON RHOADS (beard not pictured)

In his teens, Jon was told by a carnival soothsayer in Okeechobee, Florida that he will grow up to be an engineer, and then a butcher, and then a writer/designer/filmmaker/broke person. The oracle added that Jon will write several plays, including Roshambo, a tepid hit that nobody will understand, and go on to make important films about gender roles and pickles. His films Buzzcut and Riley Was Here, which he will co-write and co-direct with Mike Marrero will go on to win many awards and acclaim, validating his inflated ego yet fueling his self-hatred. From there, the sage went on, Jon and Mike will land the job of their dreams and direct the remake of Groundhog Day with Ryan Gosling. But, sadly, the film will release to horrible reviews and end up being considered the biggest flop of all time. Jon and Mike will be blacklisted from Hollywood and never work again.


photos by Tom Flip www.tomflip.com